The names of more than 60 Sindh government officials close to the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) have been out on the stop list, Azaz Syed has reported for The News. The name of Mukesh Chawla, a PPP leader and former provincial minister, is also on the list.

According to the report, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is conducting an investigation against Sindh PPP leader Mukesh Chawla, asking that he be added to the stop list.

These officials will be investigated by NAB Karachi, Azaz Syed has said.


On the other hand, according to a report filed by Hasnaat Malik in The Express Tribune, the gap between PPP and the security establishment has grown after the dissolution of Sindh Assembly.
PPP was unhappy to see that government officials on prominent posts were being transferred during the caretaker government, the report said.