A Twitter thread posted by a son about his mother is going viral on social media. A Reddit user has explained that he found his mother’s desire to take money from her sons “petty”.

The user explained that his widowed mother asked him and his brothers each to pay her Rs 20,000 so that she would be able to fulfill all of her needs, but the reddit user termed this to be selfish, arguing that his mother would be spending the money on frivolous things like parties and clothes.

“While the amount is not large by any means, and I can give it, it’s her reasoning for this that bugs me. First, this means that she gets more than one lakh month in total, counting the rental income – like I said, her necessities are already covered so she really is going to spend all this on frivolous things like party clothes, attending parties, etc etc. Doesn’t really seem fair when I keep on imposing restrictions on my own wife and kids to not spend a single paisa needlessly.”


Twitter users slammed the thread as entitled, arguing that men feel entitled to withhold financial support from the women in their lives, even their widowed mothers who had spent their lives taking care of them. As Digital Rights Foundation founder and lawyer Nighat Dad wrote:

“It’s not only about sending 20k a month to a single mother but how dare an elderly single mother think about enjoying life & spending money to pamper herself. Goes to show how much women are despised if they dare to spend their lives on their terms after passing of their partners.”

Some users were horrified that the way the user was trying to justify how spending a small amount like 20K on his mother was a ‘selfish’ act