Every year the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day and this year Mother’s Day will be celebrated on May 9, which is just around the corner.

While mothers should be celebrated every day for their selfless love and sacrifices, Mother’s Day gives us a chance to make them feel even more special. The day holds significant importance as it gives us a chance to show our mother how much we love her. However, showing love can sometimes get tricky – sometimes you don’t have the right words and other times you just don’t know how to show it.

Here is the list of the things you can do to make your mother feel special this Mother’s Day
Watch something with her that she loves

Whether it’s an old movie, or it’s a drama serial she loves or it is a cooking show she does not miss, turn on the TV and watch it together. If you are watching a show or a movie talk to her about her favorite characters and ask her what she loves most about them. It will make her feel special that you are taking interest in what she loves.


Teach her something new

There is no age of learning and anyone can learn anything at any stage of life. You can teach your mother anything she struggles with, for example, if she is not comfortable with technological devices you can show her how to use them. It is very common to lose patience while teaching something so remember not to lose your patience.

Go through old pictures and albums with her

Sit with your mother and take out an old album or pictures of her younger self. Looking at her old pictures will give a chance to your mother to revisit her old times with you, and will also help you understand her better way, which will eventually lead to a stronger bond between you two.

Cook for her

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but honestly, the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. So get into some action and cook a great meal for her. If you don’t know how to cook you can always take help from the internet.

Talk to her

Last but not the least, take out the time to talk to her. Sometimes we take the most basic of things for granted, and having an honest conversation is one of them. Being heard is one of the greatest feelings in the world and makes the other person feel special. Try putting down your phone, make a cup of coffee or tea anything your mother prefers and be a good listener.

Do whatever you think will make your mother special, but anything you do should revolve around her – do not make it about yourself.