The National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP) has announced a new initiative to facilitate travellers by issuing daily journey planners that would help drivers navigate the highway more efficiently.

The spokesperson of NHMP said that the project of journey planners has been initiated at the direction of Inspector General NHMP, Khalid Mahmood.

He stated that in addition to any planned construction or maintenance that may affect travel times, the planners would also take into account information such as traffic updates, road closures, weather updates, and accident reports.


By informing drivers of any potential risks or delays, the Motorway Police hope that this new service will assist in shortening travel times and increasing safety on the highways, the official said, adding that the planners would be accessible online through the website and social media channels. The trip planner has received a great deal of appreciation, and the NHMP is dedicated to giving its consumers helpful information. It also continues to receive excellent feedback.

Travelers reported that the trip planners have shortened their travel distances and increased road safety. Adnan Jameel, a motorist on the M-1 motorway, told APP that the planner had made it easier for him to organise his trip and prevent any unwelcome shocks along the route.