Hira Mani has expressed her disappointment with Iqra Aziz, Sarah Khan, Sajal Aly and Mira Sethi for not inviting her to their weddings.

In a recent interview with actor and host Mira, Hira said that Pakistani celebrities don’t invite her to their weddings. Naming all those who didn’t invite her, Hira remarked that her colleagues don’t invite her because they don’t consider her as their friend.

Pointing her guns at the host, Hira said, “You didn’t invite me to your wedding, Sajal didn’t invite me to her wedding, Sarah [Khan] did the same and Iqra also didn’t invite me.”


“I don’t know why I am not being invited to weddings? Maybe I am not their friend,” said the actor.

Sethi right away apologised to Hira and said that she had invited people via WhatsApp, and people who were on her contact list got the invitation.

“Please forgive me, I forgot to invite you to my wedding because I cannot even say that I will invite you next time,” said Mira.

In reply to this, Hira said, “Don’t worry, I will invite everyone to Muzammil’s (Hira’s sons) wedding.”