Multan Sultans has officially announced that the Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) franchise is no longer owned by Ali Khan Tareen and Alamgir Tareen is now the sole owner of the #JanoobKiPehchaan.

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“Pursuant to an agreement between the co-owners, the franchise has started it’s HBL PSL6 journey under the sole management of Mr Alamgir Tareen,” read an official statement issued by the team. “Internal process for the transferring of the ownership rights has already begun and all formalities shall be concluded soon.”


“The Multan Sultans franchise appreciates the contributions made by Mr Ali Tareen during the last two seasons and the franchise will no doubt continue to benefit from his support,” it continued.

“Meanwhile, Mr Ali Tareen intends to increase his focus on grassroots cricket development projects and the domestic cricket structure in particular in South Punjab,” added the statement.

Earlier, journalist Umar Farooq Kalson had stated: “The Multan Sultans ownership consortium has been broken. Alamgir Tareen has taken over complete ownership of the franchise, with Ali Tareen no longer with the franchise in any capacity.”

Another senior journalist Faizan Lakhani had shared the news and said: “Ali Tareen will now shift focus to Southern Punjab region.”

The franchise came into existence in 2018 and since then, the side’s ownership was partnered by Ali-Alamgir and a few authoritative persons.