In an extremely bizarre turn of events, more and more wives in Lahore are murdering their husbands, either with their own hands or through hired killers.

According to reports, eight of such instances occurred in the last year alone. The reasons behind the murders are often stated to be domestic disputes or marital misunderstandings.

According to Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Operations Ismail Kharak marital disputes are the main cause behind such incidents. He elaborated that abusive husbands compel women to commit such crimes.


“The story usually revolves around the husband being unjust and abusive to his wife. In some cases, the woman’s marriage takes place against her wish due to factors such as poverty,” he said.

He added that in some instances, cheating or second marriage is the reason behind the murders, while substance abuse and addiction is also a cause.

A lawyer pointed out that women get frustrated when the law doesn’t protect them and their husbands are not punished for their actions which is why they decide to take the law in their hands.

Meanwhile, a religious scholar said that one of the reasons for a rise in such incidents is a lack of moral values. He added that parents should take the wishes of their children into account at the time of marriage.