After several hours to the tragic deaths in Murree, Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan took to Twitter to express his thoughts.

“Shocked and upset at tragic deaths of tourists on road to Murree. Unprecedented snowfall and rush of people proceeding without checking weather conditions caught district admin unprepared. Have ordered an inquiry and putting in place strong regulations to ensure the prevention of such tragedies,” he tweeted.

His statement came after Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid blamed people for coming to Murree.


“Nothing went wrong. People came in large numbers. We need to construct two or three Murree’s, three or four Nathia Gali’s. We need to understand that Murree alone cannot bear the weight of tourism,” said Rashid.


Currently, an emergency has been declared in Murree by Punjab Government and 21 deaths have been reported so far.

Twitter is disappointed with PM Khan’s statement with many saying that the PM is blaming the victims.