Zahir Jaffer, the prime suspect in Noor Mukadam case, has accused his father Zakir Jaffer for asking him to get rid of Noor, Urdu News has reported. Zahir Jaffer gave this statement while addressing Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani.

During the hearing, Zahir Jaffer knelt down in the court room and kept apologising.

An Islamabad court today indicted Zahir Jaffer, his parents and three others in Noor Mukadam murder case. In addition to Jaffer, two of the family’s employees, Jamil and Jan Mohammad, as well as the CEO of Therapy Works, Tahir Zahoor, have been charged.



Zahir confessed of murdering Noor saying, “because she presented herself and was willing to be sacrificed.”

Zahir During the hearing said, “We had arguments, but if these people [Therapy Works staff] didn’t come in, this [the murder] would not have happened.” During the hearing, while addressing Noor’s father Zahir said, “I was in a relationship with your daughter for the last three years. My life is now in your hands. Please have mercy on me.” “But if you want to see me hanged, it’s okay and I’m ready for it.”