Mike Prysner, a veteran of the United States invasion of Iraq, in a viral video publicly called out the former US President George W. Bush.

The video has been making rounds on social media since late Monday. “You lied about Iraq being a threat. You sent me there in 2003. My friends are dead just because of you,” shouted Prysner who was interrupted by Bush telling him to “sit and behave.”

“You need to apologise,” Prysner managed to add before being forcibly removed by staff.


An individual from the audience stood up and said to the former president, “You made a nightmare for my family. One million Iraqis are dead from your war. You should be in prison.”

Approximately 200,000 civilians have died from direct war-related violence caused by the US in Iraq. According to the Washington Post, about 6 in 10 civilian deaths occurred at the hands of coalition forces from 2003 to 2011. There were 4,431 total deaths of American forces as per the US Department of Defense website.

In March 2003, U.S. forces invaded Iraq vowing to destroy Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and end the dictatorial rule of Saddam Hussein.