Reowned actress Javeria Saud is the proud mom of 17-year-old Jannat and 12-year-old Ebraheem.

The actor has recently revealed that her children refused to work in a Coca-Cola television commercial that was supposed to be shot in Turkey. They even convinced their parents not to participate because they did not want to align themselves with a company that supports Israel as the genocide in Gaza rages on.

She posted on Instagram, “So, my kids refused to act in the Coke TVC, and they even convinced us not to participate in the shoot that was planned in Turkey. They didn’t want to compromise their morals by working with a company that supports Israel. Jannat and Ebraheem told us, ‘If we can’t do anything else, at least we can play our tiny part by boycotting.’ This made me think of Surah al-Feel. May Allah bless everyone with such honest and principled children. Ameen.”