Actor, director and producer Nabeel Zafar was invited as a guest on the FHM podcast.
During the podcast, the actor expressed frustration with the lack of strong and unique scripts in today’s dramas, and stated that he will only consider taking on a character if the script meets his high standards.

Talking further about not working more in dramas and not portraying the role of an on-screen father, he said, “Nowadays, it has become a trend that when a film is not successful, its script is picked up and turned into a drama. We’ve essentially turned dramas into films, which is fundamentally wrong.”


“I decline roles because I’m not interested in playing a father figure on screen. I’ve already become a father in real life, and I don’t want to portray a character who gets divorced and then remarries, or one who asks his son if he’s eaten. I can’t relate to such storylines, which is why I turn down drama offers.”