One week later, Naimal Khawar and Hamza Ali Abbasi’s wedding is still trending. Though the hype has died down a bit, fans still get excited when they get an update from the couple.

The new bride has also resumed her social media activities and hit back at trolls just earlier this week. Now she’s shared how she felt while wearing her mother’s jora on her nikkah and that she did her own hair and makeup.

“The moment I realised I’m getting married, I knew I wanted to wear my Amma’s nikkah jora,” she wrote. “I have always been drawn to old-world charm and the nazakat of bridal joras back in the day. There is also a certain emotional attachment that comes with wearing your mother’s jora.”


“Having worn it, I can say it was easily the best decision I made,” she continued before revealing that she even did her own hair and makeup.

“I also did my own hair and makeup because I wanted to keep it simple and minimal.”

Naimal kept her nikkah look simple and minimalistic with clean, glowing skin, light eyes, well-defined brows and a peachy pout – perfect for an afternoon summer wedding.

Naimal’s decision of stepping away from the norm and being confident enough to do her own hair and makeup considering that she knew how much coverage her wedding would be getting is admirable and we love it.

Do you think more brides will follow Naimal’s footsteps or will we stick to the regular parlours?