The National Assembly (NA) Hall and its lobbies are currently being renovated for the March 23 meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

The Opposition may not be able to move the no-trust motion against Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan due to the ongoing renovation.

It is being said that the renovation will take another month to complete.


Senior journalist Nasim Zehra tweeted about the renovation and added, “So no NA session. Some plan.”

NA Speaker Asad Qaiser said that the National Assembly Hall is being prepared for the upcoming meeting of the OIC, which is going to be held on March 23, reports The News

When asked what would happen if the Opposition parties move the no-trust motion in the next coming days, he said that he would ask his secretariat to consider where the session could be held in case of the non-availability of the National Assembly hall and its lobbies, reported the news outlet.