Netflix has opposed password sharing for a while now since it allows multiple users to watch their favorite seasons on an account while paying only one subscription fee.

It had previously signaled about restricting the sharing of passwords, but users were convinced that it wouldn’t happen. Unfortunately, Netflix is now testing a feature to charge additional users.

Users can purchase additional ‘homes’ to share their Netflix account with by using the ‘add a home’ feature. Although there is an additional monthly fee for each home Rs670 ($2.99) on top of your regular subscription fee, this fee is still significantly less than the price of a full Netflix subscription, allowing a few households or users to save some money on Netflix.


Additionally, you can use the feature to watch Netflix while travelling on a tablet, laptop, or phone. According to Netflix, a new setting will soon be available that will allow users to manage where their accounts are being used and to instantly remove any additional homes.

The feature will go live on August 22nd, according to Netflix. When a user shares their account with another household, Netflix points out that it will not automatically add homes and charge a fee; instead, users will be prompted to add homes and consent to the additional fee.

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The feature’s use is subject to a few restrictions. Depending on its tier, a particular account may only be able to add so many additional “homes”: A second home may be added to a Basic account, a Standard account, two, and a Premium account, three.