Netflix is stepping up its efforts to persuade freeloading subscribers to pay up and will start charging accounts for password sharing early next year. The company will also implement a system that adds costs to your plan for “extra member” subaccounts when people use your membership who are not in your household.

When confirming the proposal on Tuesday, the corporation did not disclose a pricing for these new payments. However, this programme, which is currently being tried in a few Latin American nations, levies a fee for each additional user equal to around one-quarter the cost of a “regular” Netflix membership.

According to Popsci, if Netflix continues to operate in this manner, each additional member subaccount in the US would cost between $3.50 and $4.


Following its biggest subscriber losses ever earlier this year, Netflix, which had previously been rather lenient about password sharing, began experimenting with ways to make shared accounts pay. In addition to the password-sharing fees, Netflix intends to introduce less expensive subscription plans backed by advertising the next month.

Nearly all of Hollywood’s big media corporations invested billions of dollars in their own streaming businesses as a result of Netflix’s domination in the streaming video market and years of unabated membership growth.

These streaming wars gave rise to a flurry of new services, including Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Peacock, and Paramount Plus. This deluge of streaming options has complicated the number of services you must use (and, frequently, pay for) in order to watch your preferred shows and movies online.