Actor Gul e Rana recently opened up on her personal life in an interview with a digital magazine, during the show the Cheekh star among other things talked about her broken marriage and raising son Asim Azhar as a single mother.

“To cry over the spilt milk is the worst mistake anyone could make. It’s not easy to face such situations but you should remain positive and have patience,” said Dunk actor while talking about divorce.

“You should not highlight your problems to everyone. Be calm and positive, God will help you at each and every moment of your life, nothing will remain difficult for you,” she added.


“You should not transfer your hate into your children, otherwise you’ll ruin their life. It’s totally unfair to force anyone for anything. Things do change after divorce but some relationships never change. Asim’s aunt once said me that our relation with Asim will never end these relations will remain the same, and I understood what she said because she was totally right.”

“I never forced Asim to leave his father, because he is still his father. He has a right to meet his father whenever he want too. You have to remain positive to face such situations because nothing is easy.”

Gul is currently starring in HUM TV Aakhir Kab Tak costarring Ushna Shah and Adeel Hussain.