In a recent development, the caretaker government of Punjab has taken a decision to acquire 200 new vehicles at a total cost of Rs2.3 billion, raising concerns about the use of taxpayer money on luxury vehicles for bureaucrats.

According to reliable sources, the financing for this purchase will be drawn from the tax revenue contributed by the public, prompting scrutiny over the allocation of such a substantial amount for the benefit of government officials.

A letter has been issued requesting the release of advance funds from the finance ministry to facilitate the acquisition process. The Assistant Commissioners throughout Punjab are slated to get Toyota Corolla Altis 1600cc vehicles, while Deputy Commissioners in each district will be given Toyota Yaris. At the Tehsil level, Assistant Commissioners will be provided with Double Cabin vehicles, as per an official notification.


However, amidst this decision, a concerned citizen has taken legal action by filing a petition in the Lahore High Court (LHC), seeking the removal of Punjab’s caretaker Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, and his cabinet members from office. The petitioner argues that the caretaker government’s term has exceeded its constitutional mandate.

The petitioner contends that although the Supreme Court has extended the election date in the province, it has not extended the tenure of the caretaker government. Consequently, the continued occupation of office by Caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi and his cabinet is perceived as a breach of the constitution and raises questions about its constitutional legitimacy.

As the situation unfolds, public attention remains focused on the utilisation of public funds for bureaucratic privileges, while the legal challenge adds further complexity to the already contentious political landscape in Punjab.