In a recent development, commercial importers of new mobile phones are set to miss out on any concessions following the issuance of the new valuation ruling.

Conversely, a significant benefit has been extended to incoming international passengers, particularly overseas Pakistanis, who can now avail themselves of a depreciation of up to 60 per cent on used or refurbished mobile phones.

The Directorate of Valuation Karachi’s latest ruling, numbered 1834 of 2023, is positioned to ease processes for overseas Pakistanis.


However, it paints a different picture for commercial importers dealing with new mobile phones, who are now obligated to pay duties and taxes based on relatively higher customs values.

The new ruling encompasses several additional models to refine the assessment of duties and taxes.

Regrettably, the ruling does not offer any respite for commercial importers, placing the onus on them to adhere to the heightened customs values.

In contrast, overseas Pakistanis stand to benefit from the increased depreciation rates outlined in the ruling, reaching up to 60 per cent for phones up to five years old brought in by incoming international passengers.

Under the provisions of the new ruling, customs values for used or refurbished mobile phones imported by legitimate passengers will be assessed, considering the allowance for depreciation as stipulated in the provided tabulated values.

For brands and models imported in commercial quantities but omitted from the annexure, clearance collectorates are advised to assess them under Section 81 of the Customs Act, 1969.

Subsequently, a reference should be forwarded to the Directorate for the final determination of their values, according to the ruling.

Sources indicate that overseas Pakistanis will find relief in the ruling due to the augmented depreciation rates, offering a substantial advantage for phones up to five years old.

Meanwhile, commercial importers are left without any reprieve, as the new models of mobile phones will incur higher prices compared to their less-aged counterparts.

This policy aims to curtail under-invoicing margins for both existing and new models of branded mobile phones.