India and Pakistan may not be on good terms as states but when it comes to their people, the story is different altogether.

Sports commentator Allison Mitchell narrated a heartwarming story recently.

Allison shared that an Indian cab driver came to pick them up from the hotel in Brisbane at quarter to 6 to bring them to the cricket ground. He asked them if they were working or going to watch cricket and she told them that we work in the commentary. He got very excited and brought his phone out and showed them a picture with Pakistani cricketers.


So a couple of days ago before picking up Mitchell and her team, he had been called to pick up someone from the hotel. It turned out that a group of Pakistani cricketers including Yasir Shah, Shaheen Afridi, Imran Khan, Musa Khan and Naseem Shah, wanted to go to an Indian restaurant for a meal. He was very happy to see them as he was a cricket fan. He did not charge them so the players asked him to join them for a meal.