The acquittal pleas of singer Bilal Saeed and actor Saba Qamar in the case of alleged desecration of Wazir Khan mosque were accepted by Judge Muhammad Mushtaq in Lahore on Monday.

No scene of dancing was recorded in the mosque paresis, the acquittal plea maintained that claimants filed the case solely to blackmail celebrities. The pleas claimed that they obtained permission from the Auqaf Department to film the ‘Qabool Hay’ song shooting and that no witnesses had objected to the song being shot in the mosque.

It was argued that because the claimant’s lawyer, Farhat Manzoor Chandio, was not present when the filming was rerecorded and there was no evidence of a violation of the mosque’s sanctity, both parties should be acquitted.


A judicial magistrate had previously issued bailable warrants for singer Bilal Saeed’s arrest for failing to appear in court in a case of alleged desecration of the Wazir Khan mosque with his co-accused local actress Saba Qamar.

Both of the accused had filed for a personal appearance exemption. The Ghabrana Nahi Hai diva had gone to the UAE for professional assignments and would return by March 31, according to the accused’s lawyer, who also claimed that Saeed was unable to appear due to illness.

The reel pair landed in hot waters in 2020 when a controversial video from the shoot of their song went viral on the internet. A year later, news of the issuance of the arrest warrants of both the celebrities started circulating on the internet.

The celebrity duo have now clarified the news about their arrest in a statement issued by their lawyers.

As soon as the news went viral, the Cheekh diva and Saeed’s lawyers released an official statement regarding their arrest warrants. The details stated that their arrest warrants have been canceled and the original orders of the court have been misinterpreted to malign the characters of their clients, who are law-abiding citizens of the country.

While shooting for Bilal Saeed’s song Qubool Hai in Wazeer Khan Mosque, Lahore, the Hindi Medium diva was seen twirling for a scene of the music video.

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Both the celebrities received fierce criticism from the netizens for violating the sanctity of the mosque. Later on, the Teri Khair Mangdi singer also posted an apology video and the matter was somewhat resolved.