Many households in Pakistan served by the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) and Sui Northern Gas Pipelines (SNGPL) are experiencing low gas pressure or no gas supply in the month of May. SSGC customers are facing seven to eight hours of load shedding, from 10 pm to 5-6 am, while SNGPL residential consumers are encountering a similar situation.

The SSGC is facing a gas shortfall of 265 mmcfd as its demand is 1,165 mmcfd, but its supply is only 900 mmcfd, including 90 mmcfd of RLNG. The Sui Northern system has also lost 85 mmcfd gas for 12 days due to annual maintenance.

A spokesperson from SSGC stated that the gas load shedding is being done for seven to eight hours to maintain the gas line pack so that the gas supply can be provided for 16-17 hours. Balochistan is receiving only 109 mmcfd of gas. The Sui Northern system’s situation is also vulnerable due to the suspension of supply from the Nashpa plant for 12 days.


An official from Sui Northern stated that the gas companies are only providing gas for cooking times as per their agreement with residential consumers and not for 24 hours. However, the gas companies used to supply gas for 24 hours, which was not agreed upon by the domestic consumers.

According to The News, the Punjab power sector is receiving 605 mmcfd RLNG, while the fertiliser sector is receiving 88 mmcfd. The power sector’s RLNG consumption has reduced to 605 mmcfd due to low temperatures. The government is receiving 900 mmcfd gas, but it has a purchasing capacity of 1,200 mmcfd. Pakistan is receiving RLNG of nine cargoes on long-term agreements, eight from Qatar and one from ENI.

Despite the decline in RLNG prices to $12-13 per barrel in the international market, Pakistan LNG Limited (PLL) is reportedly unable to purchase spot cargoes due to a dollar liquidity crisis.