The Hazara University in Mansehra has issued a new dress code for students, faculty members and administrative staff.

According to the notification issued on January 6, female students have been advised to wear abaya/scarf/dupatta in neutral colours without any decorative material. They have also been asked to wear shalwar qameez with dupatta or chaddar.

Jeans, tights, t-shirts, shorts with jeans or tights, heavy makeup and jewellery have been banned at the university, while female students have also been advised against carrying heavy hand bags.


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The notification further recommends a dress code for male students which includes, dress pants with dress shirts, dress shoes with socks, shalwar qameez, and warm caps in the winters.

Shorts, cut-off/toran/skin-fitted jeans, chappals/sleepers of any kind/jewellery, long hair, ponytails, and un-presentable bread have been strictly prohibited for the male students, according to the notification.

Furthermore, staff and faculty members have been advised to wear “neat, clean and presentable dress and black gown during lectures”.

“Cut-off/toran/skin-fitted jeans, chappals/sleepers of any kind and jewellery are strictly not recommended for faculty members and staff,” reads the notification.

Wearing ID cards at all times has also been made compulsory for both students and faculty members.

Though the new recommendations by Hazara University are being strongly criticised on social media, Spokesperson for the KP government and adviser to CM on Information Kamran Bangash, while talking to Gulf News,¬†welcomed the step saying: “This will end the dress competition between the students and teachers, helping the poor students and their parents. It will also help them focus on their studies.”