We all swooned over superstar Mahira Khan’s wedding last year, delighting in all the details, from the venue to the clothes. But very few people knew much about the groom Salim Karim.

Well, Mahira herself has decided to set the record straight on some rumors that were floating around.

The actress had an interesting chat with Aamna Haider Isani on her YouTube channel. The host brought up the topic of Mahira’s different wedding looks, from her beautiful nikah outfit to her stunning valima sari. Moreover, the actress also cleared the air about Salim’s profession.


Mahira categorically stated that her husband isn’t a business tycoon nor is he 66-years-old. “He is not a tycoon, 66-year-old tycoon! Bechara, my Bechara. Not even close to being a tycoon or 66, but Insha Allah one day, who knows?”