A groom called off his wedding after the bride’s family did not serve mutton to the wedding guests in India on Wednesday. The groom later married another woman from the area.

As per reports, Ramakant Patra, the 27-year-old groom from Rebanapalaspal, reached Bandhagaon village with the wedding guests for his wedding on Wednesday afternoon.

The bride’s family gave a warm welcome to the groom’s family and friends. Once the rituals were done, the wedding guests were invited for lunch.


The guests demanded to eat mutton before the lunch was served. When the lunch was served, they found out that there is no mutton, after which they got into an argument with the bride’s family.

When Patra discovered that mutton had not been served, he called off the marriage.

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The bride’s family tried to convince the groom to go ahead with the wedding but he did not agree. The groom and his family left the venue.

Patra later married another woman of the area the same night before returning to his home.

No complaint about the incident was reported to the police.