How will World War III break out? If Twitter had its way, then not because if water shortage or land dispute; but because of a plate of chicken manchurian.

You’re probably wondering kya zalzala agaya tha TL pay. So let us breakdown the latest beef between Pakistan and India for you, since Pak Studies ka entire chapter is par anay walay talib-e-ilm ko rata marna parey ga.

So basically the instigator was a Western source, like it always has been: The New York Times. The newspaper published a piece on the famous Chinese dish, Chicken Manchurian, and called it ‘a stalwart of Pakistani cooking’ that is widely served in Chinese restaurants across South Asia. The article never said that the dish was owned and created by Pakistanis.


But dear students, this is where the Twitter feud exploded because Indians flooded the comments underneath the tweet pointing out that the dish was actually Indian, since it was invented by a third generation Chinese chef Nelson Wang, who lived in Calcutta. And Pakistanis retaliated as they do best- with hilarious memes. The dispute over the sweet n sour dish turned into the most hilarious Twitter exchange we have ever witnessed in our lives.

Even Ali Gul Pir couldn’t hesitate to spread some fahashi