Noor Bukhari recently expressed her reservations over a local bride’s outfit.

“Where are we heading? Is this our tradition?,” said Noor while talking about the bride’s dress.

Noor’s comments irked Zoya Nasir who jumped in to defend the bride.


“It’s her wedding day. It’s her dream day,” said the actor. “The bride is not enforcing her beliefs or lifestyle on anyone and no one has the right to publicly disgrace her very personal choice with their own two cents.”

“Lest no forget what the person in objection has done in the past,” she continued. “She had pretty good role to play where we are headed. If Ms Noor was free to do what she did, same goes for everyone else.”

“It’s good that she had a calling and is following her faith but that doesn’t give her the authority to name and shame,” she added.

Responding to Zoya’s outrage, Noor apologised to her.

“I apologise Ma’am Zoya Nasir. I did very wrong in past and I regret what I did,” said the former actor.


“It concerns me because there use to be a time dulhan looked so pretty in haya,” said Noor. “But still I realised my mistake and took down the post.”

“Where is the freedom of speech? Why [does] it [have] to become news whenever I post anything on my post or page?” questioned Noor.

“Still I apologise for my mistake. Ab me chup hi rahun gi,” she added.

Bukhari turned to religion to seek contentment after her fourth divorce. She has often used social media to share her religious experiences and spread spiritual awareness. In January 2020, she reportedly remarried ex-husband and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Awn Chaudhry. The couple has two daughters together.