The Pakistani drama scene has long been known for its saas-bahu narratives, but recently, there’s been a shift. New dramas now explore love stories, ambitious characters, complex love triangles, toxic relationships, and mental health issues. This evolving landscape brings us the trailer for Noor Jahan. However, is it bringing back the Saas-Bahu drama we thought we were done with?

At first glance, ‘Noor Jahan’ seems like typical drama. But the teaser suggests something different. It introduces Noor Jahan, a powerful woman who rules her family with an iron fist. No one dares to disobey her. Yet, beneath this strict exterior, hidden tensions and desires may be brewing. The trailer hints at a clash between tradition and modernity.

Watch the trailer here:


Tumhain kese laga tum meri jagah per beth sakti ho? Baghair meri ijazat ke?

Noor Jahan appears to be the typical domineering mother-in-law, scrutinising every move of her daughter-in-law. Her critical eye and constant interrogation make everyday life challenging. From attire to meal timings, nothing escapes her judgement.

Saba Hamid takes on the familiar role of a tough mother-in-law, a part she often plays. However, there’s hope she’ll bring a new perspective to this character. With Kubra Khan leading the cast, there’s anticipation for a fresh take on the daughter-in-law role. The teaser shows tension and drama, but ‘Noor Jahan’ needs more than just the usual saas trope to capture today’s audience.

Despite the saas-bahu angle, ‘Noor Jahan’ holds promise due to its impressive cast. Zoya Nasir, Alina Abbas, and Hajra Yamin also bring their talents to the ensemble.