Eight out of the ten parties represented in Norway’s parliament voted for the recognition of an independent Palestinian state in future.
The proposition was propounded by the ruling coalition-to counter the resolution by smaller parties-calling for an immediate recognition of a Palestinian state.

The resolution stated that the parliament “asks the government to be ready to recognize Palestine as an independent state when recognition could have a positive impact on the peace process, without making a final peace accord a condition.”

The resolution has gained the ire of Israel as the process of evacuation of 60 Norwegian nationals from Gaza has been stopped as per reports.


In Europe, Iceland, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, and Romania recognize the statehood of Palestine.

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has also ensured his parliament that the process of recognizing Palestinian’s right to statehood will be sped up.

Belgium has also begun the process of recognizing the right.

Irish opposition leader Mary Lou McDonald has reiterated the call for a ceasefire, asserting that “Palestinian people have a right to their homeland.”