With all the talk online about celebrities, Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz became the center of rumors with speculation about them expecting another baby. It got really crazy on social media, especially after Yasir said something intriguing on a show with Nadia Khan.
In the interview, when asked about having another child, Yasir replied, “Second baby Insha Allah jald karenge hum”. Some fans thought this meant they were announcing a pregnancy.
But Yasir was quick to clarify what he meant.

He said, “Not happening now, just relax.” So, take a chill pill guys! “It’ll happen when it’ll happen.”
The clarification came because there were lots of rumors going around. Even though Yasir talked about having another baby on the show, he made it clear they didn’t have specific plans yet. He just said ‘soon,’ not that they’re expecting a baby right now.

Yasir’s response to the situation shows how important it is to communicate clearly to stop false rumors. It also reminds media to be careful before sharing news that isn’t confirmed. Wrong information can really hurt celebrities’ lives and work.