Actor Imran Abbas has taken to his Facebook account to discuss how entertainment talk shows have fallen in quality, after a series of controversies surrounding talk shows. The saga begun when model Ekra Faiz said Hania Amir was an overrated actress who was everywhere on television, and a resurfaced clip showed Sadaf Kanwal making demeaning comments about Mahira Khan’s appearance.

Now, the ‘Tumharay Hussn Kay Naam’ actor has stated that he refuses to go on talk shows anymore because the conversations are focused on criticising one’s appearance, looks or deciding whether they are religious or not.

“It’s one of the major reasons for me to refuse to go to these talk shows conducted by those fame-deprived hosts, who are known to no one, doesn’t have any claim to fame, and don’t have any acheivements under their belt, who even talk publicly about celebrities’ personal lives and at times about their religious and personal beliefs too and have the audacity to judge people and their work as well without any personal accomplishments of their own and without knowing these celebrities journey’s..”


The actor urged talk show hosts to stop focusing on mundane, senseless issues that only seek to profit off other people’s misery, and to focus on important issues one can discuss in society:

“Don’t you have anything decent to talk, any important issue left in our society to discuss and ponder, can’t you sit for a while for something deep and meaningful which needs our focus or anything which is humorous yet not derogatory?”

Imran also urged other actors to join him in refusing to attend talk shows so that hosts can learn to remember their responsibility to make moral and ethical shows:

“I request our fellow actors to discourage them by stop being a part of these ‘wanna be funny/ popular talk shows’…Please have some morals and set a precedent since we all have lots of responsibilities when we come on stage even as guests/ hosts.”

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