Actor and host Mathira is displeased with some videos circulating on social media as she terms them fake and edited.

Taking to Instagram stories, the Blind Love actor shared a chat with a social media user in which she can added external captions, saying that some nude videos are circulating on social media and her face is being pasted on it after face swapping or editing.

In one of the chats, she wrote that the nude videos are doctored and her face is being used and she will take action legally against it.


She said: “A video has been moving the internet [and] have been edited. The other two videos are mine because I posted them publicly on Snapchat but a stupid and nude one is edited and not me.”

The Raasta star said that her body and even her fingers are tattooed and she knows her body. She also said that whoever has edited the video will be punished.

Mathira said that she do wear bold dresses but she never shares any explicit pictures.