Everyone knows who Ranveer Singh is: a man of many talents including amazing acting skills, vibrant and eccentric fashion taste, but most importantly, adoration for his wife Deepika Padukone.

Which is completely not weird because when you have a hottie for your wife, its your essential responsibility to keep worshipping the ground she walks on. And Ranveer proves that he is nothing but completely dedicated to the responsibility of being a simp husband.

To celebrate his birthday, we have listed the five times Ranveer and Deepika took couple goals to a new level, and kept us muttering “me and who” while starring at them through our mobile screens.


1 When he snuck in during Deepika’s Time magazine interview to give her a kiss and wish her best of luck

And then later shared the cover on his Instagram page with the caption: “World at your feet! 🌎 💫 Proud of you, babygirl!”

2 And then this moment during the Indian Sports Honors Awards

3 This tear jerking moment at the Filmfare Awards when he brought Deepika out on the stage and called her his “lakshmi”, the secret behind his success and seriously someone get us a husband like Ranveer.

4 Or this moment when he came up on the stage to give Deepika a shawl, and publicly declared how proud he was of her and seriously we’re not crying. It’s the onions.

5 Or this moment while playing a game with Alia Bhatt