A recent survey conducted by WhistleOut, a consumer-focused website, has revealed that one in 10 people cannot remember their own phone numbers.

The study reported that about 80 per cent of survey respondents had only a handful of phone numbers that they had memorised.

The research revealed that one in 10 people could not remember their own phone numbers, 16 per cent do not have their parents’ numbers memorised and 17 per cent do not have their partner’s number memorised. Only 49 per cent have memorised between two to five numbers.  



The reliance on mobile devices keeps people from retaining important information. A 2020 Panda Security survey termed it as “Digital Amnesia”, the effects of technology dependence that leads to an inability to remember things.

A previous study said that six in 10 people simply “couldn’t cope” without their cell phones for more than a day and one in eight suffer anxiety when their phone battery is low.