PM Sunak visits Israel

British prime minister Rishi Sunak landed in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Thursday morning to meet his counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu and President Herzog.

During his meeting with Herzog, he said that it is vital to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza, stating, “Palestinians are victims of what Hamas has done. It’s important that we continue to provide humanitarian access,”


He, nonetheless, stressed on his full support to Israel to “defend” itself, “to bring security back” in the country to its people, and “to ensure the safe return of the hostages that have been taken”.

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One million displaced in Gaza till now

The United Nations has reported that one million people have fled their homes in Gaza, including about 352,000 people who are currently residing in UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees.

The conditions of these shelters are described as “increasingly dire“.

121 people killed since yesterday

Al Jazeera spoke to a medical source who reported that 121 had been killed and 540 injured in the Gaza Strip since last night.

Additionally, WAFA has reported that a Palestinian man has been killed by Israeli forces while a child was killed in a refugee camp — both in the occupied West Bank .

The child was reportedly 14-year-old Ahmed Munis Sadouq who was shot in the head.

Others have been injured.

Gaza’s only cancer hospital closed

Al Jazeera reports that Dr Sukeyk, the director of the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, has issued an alert that the fuel required to keep essential services running is extremely low and so are the medicines needed during chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients.

There are reportedly more than 9,000 cancer patients in the Gaza Strip with no other hospital to go to.

Doctors using vinegar to treat wound infections

Surgeon Ghassan Abu Sitta says he has resorted to using “vinegar from the corner shop to treat pseudomonas bacterial wound infections.”

“It’s come to that,” he said on X.

Hundreds of Hamas sites destroyed

The Israeli army has claimed to have targeted and destroyed hundreds of Hamas’s points in Gaza including anti-tank missile launch sites, tunnel shafts intelligence positions, and more.

They have reportedly also killed the fighters involved in October 7 attacks.

Hamas’s armed wing, the Qassam Brigades, confirmed the killings of three of its fighters on Wednesday.

US vetoes UNSC resolution calling for humanitarian halt

US President Biden has announced a pact with Egypt’s el-Sisi which will allow 20 trucks of humanitarian aid into Gaza through the Rafah border crossing.

Earlier, on Wednesday, US vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that, while condemning Hamas’s attack on Israel, called for a pause in the Israel-Palestine escalation and allow aid into Gaza.

The US was the only opponent in the resolution amongst the 12 members who voted in favour whereas Russia and the UK abstained.

US reasoning was that the Brazil-drafted text did not assert enough on Israel’s right to self-defence.

Israel police boss threatens to send anti-war protesters to Gaza

While people across the globe protest against Israeli atrocities in Gaza, some Israelis too, have taken to streets of Haifa to hold pro-Palestine demonstration.

Israel’s police chief responded by saying that there will be “zero tolerance” for pro-Palestinian protests in Israel and threatened the protesters with sending them to Gaza.

Six people have been reportedly arrested

“Whoever wants to become an Israeli citizen, welcome,” Shabtai said. “Anyone who wants to identify with Gaza is welcome. I will put him on the buses heading there now.”

Anti-war stance not allowed

A left-wing Israeli parliament member, Ofer Cassif has been suspended for 45 daya by the ethics panel of the Israeli parliament whose statements were deemed as anti-Israel.

In an interview, he compared Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s actions in Gaza to the Nazis’ ‘Final Solution’ against Jews in Europe.

Referring to the Hamas attack he claimed that “Israel wanted this violence”.

Cassif called the suspension “another nail in the coffin of freedom of political expression”.

Credits: Al Jazeera