A survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan and Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research has revealed that only 51 per cent of Pakistanis are aware of the fact that their data can be missed by the applications downloaded on their phones.

Only 35 per cent Pakistani respondents said that they are aware of it. In addition, only 9 per cent of Pakistanis said they have reported misuse of their data. Fake e-mails, company spam e-mails, bank accounts, credit cards, and e-mail hacking were among the most common issues reported by Pakistanis.

66 per cent of Pakistanis said that technology is an important part of their lives.



The survey was conducted between October 15 and December 18, 2021. A total of 33,000 people from 39 countries participated in the survey, out of which 1,000 were from Pakistan.