Reposting a video of actress Meera from the 20th Lux Style Awards, in an attempt to take a dig at her, a blog had written, “Uff yaar Meera ki English!” with laughter emoticons. Sharing the same on her Instagram story, Sun Yaara star Zarnish Khan commented, “Yaar bas kardo weli awaam (Can you people cut it out already?)”

She then asserted, “I’m pretty sure all the people who make such memes or cut-out video clips are a bunch of idiots themselves, who probably can’t even speak Urdu fluently, let alone English.”

The Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb diva reminded everyone that just because most of us can pass comments in the shadows, without ever having to worry about our reputation being dragged through the mud; does not mean we’ve earned the license to publicly shame people in the limelight.



“Just because you can hide behind the anonymity of a cyber-network, doesn’t give you a right to make fun of other people,” the Ye Dil Mera actor lashed out. “Maybe she [Meera] can’t speak well in English but is that a crime? How well do you know this language? Are you ready for an open challenge? I bet you aren’t!” She concluded by asking her followers to “stop being so shallow please!”

In the video, Meera was struggling to say, “I’m very excited to be here, obviously it’s a big night today. I want to congratulate Lux Style Awards for completing 20 years, it’s an achievement, me bohat khush hun aj (I’m really happy today).”