Garret Discovery, an American-based firm that conducted a forensic analysis of the alleged audio clip of former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, took to Twitter and claimed that the company is being threatened for the work it had performed for FactFocus.

“Today we received a call saying our lives are in danger and the same person said he is going to file in court against us for our work authenticating a file for FactFocus,” read the tweet from Garret Discovery’s Twitter handle.

“Threatening our team to obtain a different result is unethical,” read the tweet.


Earlier Garret Discovery had confirmed that they did work for FactFocus.

“We did perform work for FactFocus. As part of our standard agreement, we have a confidentiality clause that prohibits us from speaking about the scope of work or work we performed,” a representative from Garret Discovery had revealed.

We have no problem releasing details as long as our client signs an agreement allowing us to do so. Please contact FactFocus with any inquiries as to the work we performed and discuss with them any release of information. We will not comment anymore on this issue until that time.”