Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday announced that there will not not be a complete lockdown but in order to control the situation, people must follow SOPs. PM appealed to the nation that if they follow SOPs and wear masks regularly, Pakistan will not have to take any strict measures. PM said that despite suggestions of lockdowns in cities, he has not taken this decision as it affects the poor the most. “Be careful yourself. Otherwise we will have no other option.”

PM said that the Pakistan Army will assist the police in imposing SOPs.

Key decisions taken by the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC):


  1. Schools in districts with positivity rates above 5% closed until Eid
  2. Markets to close at 6pm. Only shops selling essential goods to operate after 6pm
  3. Outdoor and indoor dining banned during Ramzan
  4. Indoor gyms to be closed
  5. Offices to close at 2pm daily with 50% capacity. Rest of the staff to work from home