In an effort to strengthen bilateral relations between Pakistan and Russia, Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani engaged in productive talks with Chairman of the Russian Duma, Mr Volodin, during a delegation-level meeting held in Moscow on Wednesday.

The discussion encompassed various areas of mutual interest and emphasised the significance of parliamentary exchanges in fostering effective diplomacy.

A press release issued by the Pakistan embassy in Moscow highlighted the consensus reached during the meeting. Both sides expressed their commitment to enhancing parliamentary interaction between the two nations. This step is expected to bolster bilateral ties and pave the way for increased cooperation in trade, investment, and energy sectors.


Chairman Sanjrani reiterated Pakistan’s dedication to strengthening relations with Russia across all domains of mutually beneficial cooperation. Trade, investment, and energy were particularly emphasised as key areas for future collaboration.

The significance of continued cooperation in international forums, such as the United Nations and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), was also acknowledged and agreed upon by both parties.

During the talks, Chairman Sanjrani extended an invitation from the Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan to Chairman Volodin, inviting him to visit Pakistan. In a positive response, Chairman Volodin accepted the invitation, reflecting the willingness of both countries to further solidify their ties.

The meeting between Chairman Senate Sanjrani and Chairman Volodin serves as a significant milestone in the diplomatic efforts between Pakistan and Russia. It highlights the mutual desire to strengthen bilateral relations and lays the groundwork for increased cooperation in various fields, including trade, investment, and energy.

The forthcoming visit of Chairman Volodin to Pakistan is expected to further enhance the ties between the two nations and open new avenues for collaboration.