The Pakistan Cricket Team has been granted the green light to travel to India for the upcoming International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup 2023, as announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on Monday.

In a press release, MOFA underscored the significance of sportsmanship and the country’s passion for cricket, stating that Pakistan has always promoted the idea that politics should be kept separate from sports. “Regardless of our bilateral relations with India, we believe in upholding our international sports-related commitments,” the statement said.

However, the ministry also expressed deep concern about the safety and security of the team during their stay in India. These concerns have been duly communicated to both the ICC and Indian authorities. The MOFA stressed, “Pakistan, however, has deep concerns about the security of its Cricket Team. We have conveyed these concerns to the International Cricket Council and the Indian Authorities.”


The MOFA’s statement also recalled India’s refusal to send its cricket team to Pakistan for the Asia Cup. In contrast, Pakistan’s decision to participate in the World Cup in India exhibits a constructive and responsible approach, as emphasized by the ministry.

This decision marks an important step in separating sports from political tensions, while prioritizing player safety and maintaining international sportsmanship standards. As preparations for the ICC World Cup 2023 continue, the world eagerly anticipates the performances of the participating teams.