Pakistan has defeated India by 2-1 in the karate combat competitions held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In Karate combat 45, the first fight between Pakistan and India was between Rizwan Ali of Pakistan and Poon Gupta of India, in which the Pakistani fighter knocked out the opponent in the beginning.

For the second fight, Faizan Khan came to arena in place of Uloomi Kareem to face Himanshu Kaushik. Uloomi Kareem was deprived of participation in the fight due to unequal weight.


Faizan fought well against the Indian opponent, but he failed to overcome him, so the match was tied one by one.

Pakistan captain Shahzaib Rind and India’s Rana Singh landed in Maidan Arena for the decisive battle.

At the beginning of the fight, Shahzaib hit Rana Singh with successive blows and made him so helpless that he was stuck in a corner and could not get up for a long time, so the Indian fighter was declared a technical knockout against Shahzaib.

Pakistan won the match 1-2. After the fight, Shahzaib Rind raised the flag of Pakistan and India while giving a message of peace.