Pakistan has made a significant foray into the global automobile market, marking a historic moment as it exported a batch of 14 SUV vehicles to Kenya and Tanzania, as reported by ARY News on Thursday.

In a landmark achievement, Pakistan, through the collaboration of Master Changan Motors, a joint venture between Pakistan and China, has officially joined the league of car-exporting nations. This endeavour has solidified their position as the first automotive company to send SUV vehicles to foreign shores.

The occasion was celebrated with a ceremonial event held in Karachi, commemorating the milestone of becoming the inaugural Pakistani-Chinese auto entity to export vehicles to two overseas destinations. Notably, the ceremony was attended by the Federal Secretary of Industries and Production, Asad Rehman.


Rehnan also revealed the government’s intent to urge auto manufacturers to revise their car prices, especially in light of the notable depreciation of the US dollar (USD). He underlined the efforts in this direction by mentioning a recent newspaper advertisement released by an auto company, signaling its commitment to reducing vehicle prices.

The export of the Oshan X7 SUV is a significant milestone for Pakistan as it ventures into the global automobile market, and this achievement carries even greater importance given the challenging economic conditions the country is currently facing.

In a groundbreaking move, Pakistan’s collaborative effort with a Chinese automotive company, Master Changan Motors, marked their entry into the league of car exporters. They proudly achieved this milestone by sending the initial consignment of 14 SUV vehicles to Kenya and Tanzania.

A special ceremony was organised in Karachi to celebrate the occasion, as it signified the first instance of a Pakistani-Chinese automotive company venturing into foreign vehicle exports.

The Federal Secretary of Industries and Production, Asad Rehman was also present at the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Asad Rehman conveyed the government’s intention to encourage auto companies to lower their car prices, given the significant decline in the value of the US dollar (USD).

He also mentioned that an automotive firm had recently placed a newspaper advertisement advocating price reductions.

Master Changan Motors, the Pakistan-Chinese automotive collaboration, proudly shipped its SUV model, the Oshan X7, to Kenya.

This achievement is a notable milestone for Pakistan, considering the challenging economic circumstances it faces.