In a recent development, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has taken the decision to lift all import restrictions as part of fulfilling a condition set by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The central bank issued a circular to officially end these restrictions, thereby satisfying another requirement put forth by the IMF.

To facilitate the release of over 6,000 containers, the federal government has granted permission to banks for remittance provision. The circular issued by the SBP states that remittances will be provided for all imports following the implementation of this latest order. The central bank has instructed authorised dealers to process remittances based on the recommendations of stakeholders.


It came to light yesterday that Pakistan and the IMF are facing challenges in reviving a loan program, leading to disagreements between the Ministry of Finance and the IMF. Sources revealed that the plan to bridge the external financing gap relied on funds received from a donor conference held in Geneva.

The primary objective of the conference was to garner support and contributions for Pakistan’s financial requirements. As part of this plan, the IMF was tasked with securing $500 million by June through the Geneva Donor Conference. However, efforts to obtain funds for the Ministry of Planning and Treasury have encountered obstacles. Delays in finalising contracts and agreements under the Donor Conference have further impeded the financing process.

Sources within the Ministry of Finance report that the amount received through the Geneva Donor Conference currently stands at $150 million, falling short of the expected sum. This has raised concerns from the IMF, which has expressed dissatisfaction with the level of financial support obtained through the conference.

According to ARY News, the funds acquired from the Donor Conference will be allocated to crucial recovery and rehabilitation projects in regions affected by floods. The aim is to address the needs of these communities and provide support for their restoration efforts.