Canadian vlogger Rosie Gabrielle has shared a special note on the occasion of Pakistan Resolution Day to express her love for her new “home”.

In a detailed note posted on Instagram, Gabrielle, who earlier converted to Islam said: “Two and a half years ago, I left my home in Canada to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Little did I know then, my trip across Pakistan would forever change me in so many ways.”

“I didn’t choose to come here, Pakistan chose me,” said Gabrielle, adding: “In 2018, I surrendered to the universe and said ‘Okay God, it’s up to you, where am I going next?’”


The vlogger then shared that a few days later she got an invitation to visit Pakistan for a short media tour.

“I’m not much of a ‘Group Traveller’ but took this as a divine invitation for something bigger and made my own trip after,” said Gabrielle. “I had always wanted to explore Pakistan so I gladly accepted. I didn’t know then that this trip would change my life.”

“All I knew is, I wanted to travel the entire country by bike and document my experiences. I didn’t know at that time if it was even logistically possible, or know much about the country,” said Rosie.

The vlogger further said that she knew she could “forever make a positive impact for Pakistan by showing the true hearts of the people and land here.”

“It was my destiny and my calling. I didn’t know how I would, I just knew I would and the will of my heart lead the way,” she shared. “For over two years now I have dedicated my heart, soul and all my energy to promoting peace and a positive change for this nation.”

Rosie, in her note, also talked about Adeel Amer, a Pakistani travel vlogger, who she recently got married to. The couple tied the knot earlier this month.

“I not only fell in love with the land [but also] the people. I’m humbly grateful every day for meeting the love of my life Adeel Amer, the most inspiring (this word does not do justice) human I know and finally able to call this beautiful country my HOME,” said Gabrielle.

Rosie first visited Pakistan in December 2018. She had extensively documented her trip on social media.