The Pakistani government has officially proscribed the Zainebiyoun Brigade, a Shia faith militant organization, as a threat to the security of Pakistan.

The Khorasan Diary reported that the banned militant organization has backing from Iran as well.

Interestingly, former Senator Faisal Raza Abidi had said in a talk show on GTV that, “40,000 fighters from Hezbollah and Zainebiyoun Brigade have reached Jerusalem out of which 233 are Pakistani fighters who came from areas of Parachinar.”


In a notification issued on March 29 by the Interior Ministry of Pakistan, it was said that “Zainebiyoun Brigade is engaged in certain activities which are prejudicial to the peace and security of the country”.

Under the Anti-terrorism Act of 1997, the government has made it a proscribed organization.

The banned group is known for its involvement in the Middle East conflict and provided support to the Bashar-ul-Asad forces in Syria.

The group had come under scrutiny from the authorities about its capabilities.