Indian tennis player Sania Mirza and her cricketer husband Shoaib Malik were seen engaging in a cute banter over which side Mirza supports: India or Pakistan.

During the recording of programme ‘Time Out with Ahsan Khan’, the host asked Mirza what is the worst question any journalist or any host has asked her.

She replied, “One question that I am asked all the time, which is very bad and stale and I don’t want to be asked again is, “Who do I support when India is playing against Pakistan?”


In a video, Malik can also be seen teasing his wife over this. He questioned Sania: “One second, this is not over yet. Who do you support when India and Pakistan play?”


Sania in a witty reply questioned her husband back and asked him who he supports during India versus Pakistan tennis matches.

Playing safe, the all-rounder said: “Of course I support my wife,” while adding that he loves his country.

Mirza instantly said, “Same,” while requesting not to ask her this question again.

The star tennis player is currently in Karachi.