In the recently published Global Hunger Index (GHI-2022), Pakistan has been ranked 99th out of 121 countries assessed for their hunger levels.

The GHI report, launched in Islamabad on Tuesday, revealed a drop in Pakistan’s score from 38.1 in 2006 to 26.1 in 2022, but the hunger level is still considered serious, reported Dawn.

The Global Hunger Index is an annual pre-reviewed report jointly published by Welthungerhilfe and Concern Worldwide. Its primary objective is to raise awareness and understanding of the challenges faced in the fight against hunger worldwide.


According to the report, the combination of armed conflicts, climate change, and the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated hunger issues, forcing approximately 828 million people into hunger globally. Moreover, it highlights that 46 countries are not on track to achieve even a low level of hunger by 2030, signaling the need for urgent action.

The regions most affected by hunger are Africa, specifically South of the Sahara, and South Asia, with the latter being the worst-hit. Notably, South Asia has the highest child stunting rate and the highest child wasting rate among all world regions.

Pakistan, with a serious level of hunger, faces significant challenges in eradicating this issue. As the nation strives to address this pressing problem, stakeholders are urged to collaborate and implement solutions that involve local communities and diverse voices in shaping effective policies for food security.

The Global Hunger Index serves as a vital tool in identifying and tackling hunger-related problems, and it is hoped that with collective efforts, progress will be made towards achieving a hunger-free world.