Pakistan on Tuesday strongly condemned raids and airstrikes by the Israeli armed forces in Jenin. Up to 10 Palestinians were killed and 50 were injured in the attacks.

“Pakistan condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the raids and airstrikes carried out by the Israeli occupation forces since yesterday in Jenin in the occupied Palestinian territory of the West Bank, which killed 10 Palestinians and injured some 50 others,” the Foreign Office said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Foreign Office spokesman said in a statement, “This latest episode of violence against the occupied people of Palestine by the occupying power must end immediately.”


The spokesman repeated Pakistan’s calls for the international community to raise its voice against these brutal and unlawful actions by the Israeli armed forces to ensure the protection of the fundamental human rights of the Palestinian people.

Pakistan reasserted its strong and unwavering support for the justifiable struggle of the people of Palestine for the complete realisation of the basic human rights of freedom and self-determination.