The government has warned information technology (IT) and financial institutions, including regulators, to avoid using artificial intelligence (AI) and information and communication technology (ICT) products from India. They say these products could pose a serious threat to Pakistan’s critical information systems. 

According to Geo News, this warning came through a cybersecurity advisory shared with federal and provincial ministries and regulators. The advisory noted that AI and ICT products from India are used worldwide, especially in the financial industry, to help businesses grow. 

However, it pointed out that some Pakistani fintech companies and banks are working with Indian firms that offer IT, cybersecurity, and AI solutions. The government is concerned for two main reasons: 


Indian products could have hidden “backdoors” or malicious software that collects data, including personal information. 

There might be direct access to Pakistan’s critical systems by Indian entities, allowing them to monitor and control these systems. 

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The government has asked all ministries and regulators to make sure their affiliated organisations and licensees understand the risks of using Indian products. Instead, they suggest consulting with the Pakistan Software House Association (P@SHA) to find affordable alternatives from local tech companies. 

Two years ago, a US company called Exodus Intelligence claimed that India used its software vulnerabilities to spy on Pakistan and China.